Exercise takes on many forms. Though nearly all types of exercise are better than inactivity, consider the advantages and disadvantages of your exercise program.

Why Exercise? Like walking and stretching, other forms of exercise have benefits as well.

  1. Aerobic exercises are heart healthy and stimulate your circulation. .
  2. Exercise lowers blood sugar levels and helps reduce fat deposits in your arteries.
  3. Exercise relieves stress and counteracts the tension from daily living.
  4. Aerobic exercise lowers your blood pressure and may replace medicine. .
  5. Like walking exercise releases endorphins that give you a since of well being.

Weight Lifting: If you are going to the gym to lift weights it is a great form of exercise. Try and move along from one exercise to the next weather it’s free weights or equipment. This will allow you to make your body building more aerobic. Secondly, be careful because you can injure yourself if the weights are beyond your capacity. We recommend low weights and high reps to avoid injuries.

Swimming: Swimming is one of your most effective exercises. It keeps all of your muscles in shape with more emphasis on development of the upper body. Most aerobic exercises involve the lower body and for this reason, swimming is a great compliment to other lower body aerobic exercises. A disadvantage is that there may be a little more trouble with finding the time as you have to travel to the pool and put on a bathing suit. If you can work around the logistics, it is probably your most balanced exercise.

Structured Classes: Classes such as Yoga, Zumba and Pilates are a great way to stay in shape. Some people need to have a specified time and place to do their exercise, or they won’t do them. Classes like these are perfect for motivation and people feel that they are having fun in the process. There is no reason you have to grunt and suffer through your exercise program. If you are having fun you are more likely to keep up with the program.

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