As part of our practice here at Bennett Family Chiropractic, we feel a need to keep our patients healthy in a proactive way. This includes taking care of your back before it starts to give you problems. One way of preventing back injuries is to keep your back and neck flexible and relaxed. Stretching is an excellent way of accomplishing this.

Need for Stretching? Long before moving to Cinnaminson (back in Middletown High School) I used to wonder what the purpose was of all those stretching exercises. They didn’t improve my performance and my muscles already seemed pretty loose. Well one thing I have observed with my own body is that as you get older, the muscles tend to tighten and you might feel stiff getting out of bed in the morning. At this point at least for me it is evident that stretching has some advantages and I think it will for you as well.

What is Accomplished? The advantages of stretching are numerous.

  1. Muscles work through a ratcheting mechanism on a microscopic level through actin and myosin filaments. These filaments get stuck in a partially contracted mode thus rendering your muscles less effective and weaker. Stretching reverses this process.
  2. Muscles have a “viscoelastic” property which means that they are capable of stretching apart without tearing. Tight muscles are less viscoelastic so that if you sustain trauma, you are more likely to suffer a tear in one of your muscles.
  3. Ligaments benefit as well from stretching. Just like muscles, ligaments have elastic properties that are enhanced with stretching. With regular stretching the ligaments in your joints become more elastic and you are less likely to incur strain injuries.
  4. Collagen accumulates throughout your body. Cells called fibroblasts float around regularly depositing collagen filaments that tend to stiffen up all moving parts. Stretching helps to break up these connective tissue deposits restoring motion.
  5. As we loosen up the muscles, circulation is restored to the tissues and lactic acid (a byproduct of muscle metabolism) is released. Oxygen and nutrition now reaches muscle tissue and the waste is removed. This provides for healthier muscles.
  6. With the improved mobility and better movement that is accompanied by less discomfort, our productivity is better and our state of mind improves. Mental tension has been linked to muscle tension. Stretching helps you to relax!!

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