Lifting Injuries: Here at Bennett Family Chiropractic we have been treating injuries from lifting for over 30 years. In the Cinnaminson area, including Palmyra, Riverside, Pennsauken, Delran and to a lesser extent Riverton and Moorestown there are many “blue collar” workers that may be more prone to lifting injuries due to the physical nature of their jobs. The following is some advice regarding who is vulnerable to lifting injuries and how to avoid them.

Who gets Lifting Injuries? People that have to lift on the job are more prone to back injuries at work because they lift more things more often. People that are sedentary on the job are more likely to hurt themselves lifting at home because of decreased muscle tone and deconditioning. In other words, no one is immune to lifting injuries. Also as we have mentioned about ageing, don’t forget if you are getting older that you may now hurt yourself trying to lift something you were able to lift only a couple of years ago.

Herniated Disc. Prolapse of intervertebral disc closeup.

Lifting Properly: What you want to avoid is BLT (like the sandwich) – Bending, Lifting and twisting at the same time. The discs in your spine are designed to handle a lot of force on compression, however when you add an element of rotation, the disc weakens and can tear. Try and face the object you are lifting, keep your back straight as possible and keep the object close to your body. Use your legs when you can and not your back. Instead of twisting your body move your feet to accomplish the same thing safely.

Lift Smoothly and Deliberately: Avoid yanking and tugging as well. When you yank on something heavy to get it off of the surface, you momentarily increase the force on your spine as much as 30% and therefore can push beyond the limit of your disc’s capacity. This is how bulging and herniated discs come to be.

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