What is it? The word whiplash is in itself a controversial term. It refers to a complex of injuries generally associated with a rear-end collision. Though the condition is often associated with lawsuits and occasionally “fake” injuries, in reality it is a very real problem that can result in life-long suffering if not handled properly. During a rear-end collision, there is a special set of circumstances that take place causing damages that are different than commonplace injuries.

How does it happen? When your car is hit from behind, your head is pushed directly backwards. When this happens the discs in the spine are compressed between the skull and thoracic spine which is less mobile. Many forces are generated into the discs and supporting structures of the spine and this causes damage to the cartilage and ligaments that hold the vertebrae together. These deeper tissues take longer to heal and are responsible for the longer recovery time associated with automobile injuries.

What can you do? Weather you just had an accident or if you had one years ago and still suffer from symptoms, have us look at your neck and back to see the nature of the injuries and what can be done to improve the function of your neck and back as well as your quality of life. Here in Cinnaminson, Bennett Family Chiropractic has been treating auto injuries for over 30 years and we have had good success with these types of injuries.

How can I avoid Whiplash? A good idea is to keep your car seat more vertical and to keep your head close to if not touching the headrest while driving. The reason for this is that if you are struck from behind, your head cannot accelerate into the headrest and slam against it. If you stop suddenly or (god forbid) hear a loud squealing from behind, be sure to push your head back against the headrest again for the same reason. Lastly, (as I have often told my daughter) when you are pulling out into traffic try to be decisive. If you often change your mind and brake unexpectedly, then it’s just a matter of time before someone hits you.

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