Work Injuries: As I’ve mentioned, there are a lot of “blue collar” workers in the Cinnaminson area including: Palmyra, Riverside, Pennsauken and Delran and to a lesser extent Riverton and Moorestown and this can mean a greater risk of work injuries. I’ve discussed lifting injuries, but it doesn’t stop there. If you are working around unprotected heights, construction materials or moving equipment, then you are at risk.

Unprotected Heights: The most obvious advice is not to reach too far when climbing a ladder. It’s a little more work, however much safer to climb down the ladder and move it over a short distance. Saving time is great, but at what cost. When you reach too far on a ladder, the center of gravity shifts to the side and can pull you down. Another not so obvious bit of advice is to be cautious leaning over a railing. If your center of gravity shifts beyond a protective rail then you are going over and may not recover.

If you are climbing ladders, make sure the base of the ladder is firmly planted before climbing on. Soft ground for example may allow the foot of the ladder to sink on one side. This may be corrected with a cut section of plywood under each foot of the ladder. Be especially careful of putting a ladder on the newer “recycled plastic” wood. It’s a great material, but it lacks friction and when you reach the top of the ladder, it tends to give out.

Other Hazards: Places where construction is taking place are especially dangerous. Amazingly, construction workers are much less likely to get hurt on a site than pedestrians walking through. One reason for this is that workers are generally more aware of the hazards, while the general public is not. If you do happen to stray into a construction area, keep your eyes open as debris and equipment is not always left in the wisest places.

If you happen to be a construction worker or are working around moving equipment or unprotected heights, wear a protective helmet. Though they are uncomfortable, they protect your head from the unknown. A good friend of mine recently died while installing alarm systems for Sam’s Club. He only fell a short distance but it cost him his life because he wasn’t wearing a protective helmet. Please wear a safety helmet.

Safety equipment is sort of like the seatbelt in your car, once you get used to it, it’s not so uncomfortable. Goggles for your eyes are a great idea when working around chemicals, bleach and even pool chlorine. Hearing protection is wise if you work around noisy machinery. Steel toe shoes may protect your feet from falling materials and of course a lumbar supports (we have inexpensive ones) are essential for avoiding injuries from lifting.

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