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Quality Natural Holistic Family Care

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For Optimal Health & Productivity

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Welcome to our website. The fact that you are here means that you are interested in a natural approach to healthcare. Our goal is to provide our patients with quality natural holistic care. To accomplish this, we utilize every established and effective treatment method at our disposal. In doing so, we can customize a treatment that suits your individual needs. We are good at what we do with over 24 years of experience and service to the community.

Dr. Bennett has effective treatment for lower back pain, leg pain, neck pain, sciatica, and headaches!

We do not require the signing of contracts and we do not impose high-pressure “sales” techniques. We outline our patient’s care and generally, they will follow through with treatment because they are happy with their progress. Though I cannot guarantee instant results I can promise the highest quality of care and assure you that we provide 110% effort in helping our patients recover. We have an 85% recovery rate for neck and back injuries, which is quite a track record.

We utilize the most reliable chiropractic techniques combined with the latest state of the art technologies. We strive to deliver care that offers the maximum recovery time but focus on treatment that is comfortable for the patient. We do our best to educate patients on self-care and we provide a monthly newsletter addressing numerous types of conditions. The treatment we provide helps to rejuvenate the spinal articulations. In restoring normal motion to spinal joints, we help your body to ward off some of the degenerative changes associated with injury and aging.

​Through stress-management, exercises suitable for each patient, and modest lifestyle changes we can enhance the effectiveness of your treatment. With the care we provide our desire is to get you back to optimum health and productivity, so you can do the things you used to do without pain, stiffness, or nerve symptoms.

Cinnaminson Chiropractor

2193 Riverton Rd
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

Reviews For Bennett Family Chiropractic

I could not be happier with his treatments. He and his staff are warm and friendly. The office atmosphere is relaxed and calming. Dr. Bennett is very thorough.

I was completely mortified about going to the chiropractor but he made me feel completely at ease! Never have I felt more comfortable!!

Dr. Bennett always asks questions and tailors each visit to deal with my current issues. He is gentle, caring, and thorough. I would highly recommend him for all your chiropractic needs.