Neck Advice


Practicing Good Neck Habits

Aches and pains often result from years of poor neck habits. By changing bad habits, you can help protect your spine and make it stronger and more flexible. This can go a long way toward helping make your neck pain-free. Start by practicing proper posture and good body mechanics.


The Do’s and Don'ts below will help you practice good posture and body mechanics:


  • Do set up your workstation so your monitor is at eye level.
  • Don’t hunch your upper back and drop your neck forward.


  • Do use a document holder at eye level to view papers or books.
  • Don’t drop your head to read. Instead, keep your chin level and lower your eyes.

Using the phone:

  • Do use a headset whenever possible.
  • Don’t cradle the phone between your neck and shoulder.


  • Do bend at the knees and lower yourself to an object rather than reaching down for it.
  • Don’t twist your body and reach. Instead, face the object you’re reaching for.


  • Do carry objects close to your body. Use both hands when carrying larger or heavier objects.
  • Don’t carry a heavy purge or bag. This puts a lot of strain on your neck muscles.


  • Do use a pillow that keeps your head level with the bed to support your neck’s natural curve.
  • Don’t lie on a sagging couch or mattress. And avoid sleeping on your stomach.