A subluxated vertebrae is demonstrated in the picture to the left. In this image the second vertebrae shown has shifted backwards and is now causing pressure on the nerve. Over time this condition, left uncorrected will result in nerve damage and spinal degeneration. The Vertebral Subluxation Complex as it is referred to is broken into 5 categories.

Abnormal motion- The vertebral movement becomes irregular. The motion becomes too much (hypermobile) or too little (hypomobile).

Abnormal function of nerves- Nerves can become hyperactive or overexcited or they can be \"choked off\" in which case they are not delivering the information from the brain that the body needs to function. Either way, your health will be affected in a negative way unless this condition is corrected.

Abnormal Muscle Function - The muscles become tight or go into spasms. This is your body\'s way of protecting itself from further injury. Unfortunately the result of this muscle tension is discomfort and sometimes considerable pain. Correcting the spinal alignment will permit the muscles to once again relax and return to their normal state of tone.

Abnormal soft tissue function - The misalignment will strain the supporting structures of the spine. This will result in swelling of the tissues involved. Ligaments and tendons will respond to the abnormal forces by becoming swollen and irritated.

Abnormal Physiology - In an effort to stabilize the injured joint, your body will continue a long process of degenerative changes that will permanently affect the ability of the joint to function. Calcium deposits and scar tissue are the primary elements of this process and they will be deposited to the point of rendering the joint unusable. Because of the way your spine and nervous system are so closely tied in with your health, any condition that interferes with this harmony will affect your health in some manner. Subluxations have been linked to a wide array of health conditions essential to a healthy body. Function of your immune system, your heart and circulatory system and of course your musculoskeletal system are only a few of the areas affected by poor nerve function. Dr Bennett is highly trained in correction of these serious health risks. In a relatively short time, he can have you on the road to recovery. You will feel more energetic and your movement will be smoother and more effective. Athletes use chiropractic to keep their bodies functioning at maximum efficiency and so can you. By restoring healthy motion back to your spine and pelvis, the doctor can help to minimize the wear and tear that will age your spine over time.